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Meet Joshua Fletcher


Joshua Fletcher is a UK-based psychotherapist who specialises in working with anxiety disorders.

He is best known as Anxiety Josh across social media and has quickly become a renowned and reputable figure in the industry.

A self-confessed anxiety disorder nerd, Josh has a deeper level of understanding beyond the textbooks and training. 

He grew up in Manchester and was once diagnosed with crippling anxiety; suffering from panic attacks, agoraphobia, health anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), as well as intrusive thoughts, obsessive compulsive behaviours.

"From Diagnosed to Therapist"

After much learning, he overcame this excessive anxiety and is now a rising leader in his space.

With over 200,00 followers on Instagram & TikTok, 3 best-selling books, a thriving private practice and regular mental health expert on BBC radio… he has turned it all around and is now passionate in helping other do the same.

Josh is registered with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and also an Anxiety UK approved therapist. He obtained his MSc in Counselling Psychology with distinction at Keele University 2017 and followed this with studying a PG Cert in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Salford University.