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The Panic Pod is your one-stop-shop for all things anxiety and panic recovery.

Designed to bring psychoeducation to the masses and support anxiety sufferers worldwide to overcome their fears through expert knowledge and guidance, The Panic Pod offers a warm, welcoming and friendly place to expand your understanding of anxiety and manage it in the most helpful ways possible.

One of the UK’s top podcasts for anxiety and panic brought to you by Joshua Fletcher – someone who has been where you are right now, and has come out the other side as a qualified psychotherapist committed to helping you find freedom from fear, just as he has.

Meet Your Host

Who even is this guy? Seriously?


Joshua Fletcher is one of the UK leading experts in anxiety and panic disorders. A self-confessed anxiety nerd, Josh brings a light-hearted approach to the podcast (and often a questionable sense of humour too).


From diagnosed anxiety sufferer to qualified psychotherapist, Josh is dedicated to bringing awareness and education to the masses, determined to do his part in breaking the stigma surrounding anxiety and mental health.

A new podcast episode drops each week with conversations with the best of the best in the industry busting myths, offering top tips and guidance, challenging misinformation and most importantly – helping you feel seen and understood.


(And sometimes, there are no guests. Just 30 minutes with Josh talking about what he knows best, lucky you!)

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