Talks, Workshops & Media Collaboration

As the UK’s leading anxiety expert, Josh delivers high value talks and workshops for companies across the globe. 

Josh speaks passionately and delivers engaging talks to help employers and employees alike understand and manage their anxiety. Offering easily digestable and relevent psychoeducation to the workplace.

This is why Anxiety in the Workplace is one of his most sought after and well-recieved talks.


The Popular Anxiety in the Workplace talk typically covers:

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Other topics might include: panic attacks, depression, intrusive thoughts, self-doubt, fear of failure, rumination, productivity and more.


Virtual or Live

For UK based businesses Josh can offer talks live or online. International companies can take advantage of Zoom!

60 minute talks

Typical delivery consists of a 40 minute presentation followed by a 20 minute Q&A

Keynote speaker

Josh is a popular choice as a keynote speaker for all anxiety based topics at small to large scale events


Collaborate with Josh on any mental health campaign to promote mental well-being.

Companies we have worked with...

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