Established in 2016, The Panic Room is Josh’s therapy practice based at his School Of Anxiety office. Here Josh provides therapy, coaching and consultancy on all things anxiety.


Therapy With Josh (Update!)

Open Part-Time (Limited Availability)


Josh has been on a sabbatical from therapy work, but has returned to work one day a week and providing individual sessions. The sessions can be in person at his practice, The School Of Anxiety, via online video calls or over the telephone.



Session Fee: £180 (including VAT)


If you would like to enquire about booking a session(s) with Josh then feel free to email at or fill out the contact form below:

Self-Help Course

If you struggle with panic attacks, agoraphobia and high levels of anxiety, we encourage you to check out his online program Stop Fearing Fear

Alternatively, we encourage you to look at the recommended therapists below, or use the following directories for other qualified therapists who may be able to support you:

Recommended Therapists

Please do feel free to reach out to the following therapists who come highly recommended by Josh.