Josh has a thriving private therapy practice based in Manchester, UK, called The Panic Room.



Here, he works on a 1:1 basis with his clients to share everything he knows about overcoming anxiety and panic disorder, and guiding his clients through their own personal recovery.


Sessions are conducted remotely from his Machester-based office, either by video or by telephone




Counselling and Psychotherapy services are available for people who reside in the UK. Anxiety Coaching is available for international clients.





Important Update

Josh is currently taking a sabbatical from his private therapy as he dedicates time to some exciting projects he has in the pipeline, more details to come soon!


Therefore, The Panic Room is currently not open to new 1:1 clients or adding to the waitlist.



If you’re looking for guidance from Josh, we encourage you to check out his online program Stop Fearing Fear. 



The program walks you through the steps Josh would take you through if you were to work together in a one on one setting to overcome your anxiety.



Alternatively, we encourage you to search the following directories for other qualified therapists who may be able to support you:


Recommended therapists

Please do feel free to reach out to the following therapists who come highly recommended by Josh.

(If you like Josh’s approach, you will likely get along just fine with these two!)





Qualified CBT Therapists

Mandy Heath



Jessica Seyah



Kerry Lilley



India Haylor



Julia Waller



Dr. Pointer



Think CBT



Michelle Whiting



Yasmine Nassif



Carina Luxford